emaze is the next generation of online presentation technology.

emaze is the next generation of online presentation software

emaze is the next generation of online presentation software. emaze allows you to create a well designed presentation without having to be a designer. Simply select any of our free professionally designed presentation templates to create an amazing visual experience for your audience. Instead of the standardized templates and features other tools provide, emaze allows you to have limitation-free creativity. Our templates come in a wide range of categories, by top designers to fit your messaging. In every presentation, you can utilize innovative features from 3D scenes to 2D slides, pan and zoom, videos, animation, sound effects and more. Built on HTML5 technology, emaze works seamlessly on all browsers and devices.You can easily make the transition from PowerPoint to emaze by importing your presentation through our easy-to-use application.

emaze gives you the ability to share your presentation without the hassle of sending large files. Using our share button feature, you can copy the link address to share and view your presentation anywhere on the web, it’s that simple. Additionally, you can embed a presentation into your website, blog or newsletter to replace a gallery or static images. You can also share your presentation with the rest of the world using our automatic translation feature. Our premium package gives you additional features like the option to download your presentation for offline viewing.


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